For my first blog post I would like to start with just some general observations about the start of the year and student leadership opportunities which have been expanded considerably this year.

The start to 2017

On the whole, students have settled in well to the 2017 school year with smiles and enthusiasm. I have managed to visit all Learning Communities and a few observations that I have made are:

  • Preps are settling in well. A few tears – mainly by the adults – but on the whole the team and
    Finding out all about the Lion that eats ants!

    students are enjoying playing together and getting to know one another.




  • Students in Alveara have been having some fantastic conversations about what enables an object to float. They have so many great questions that they may take a while trying out their hypotheses.
First attempt – Boats were all different shapes and sizes; most floated.
  • In Curiosita (Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Physical Education and Language) students have started looking at the concepts of Identity and Belonging. As part of this study, students have looked at a number of different flags, explored together the symbolism and shared their ideas and designs for a possible new Australian Flag. The
    Thinking about the flag design and symbols

    discussions and ideas presented have been fabulous.

  • We have a number of new students to BEPS this year (apart from the Preps). This means that we also have a number of new parents/guardians. I have told them just what a friendly community we have here at BEPS and so I hope that you will introduce yourselves.


Here are more photos of our curious new preps playing, learning, and inquiring:


1prep3 1prep2

Student Leadership in 2017

Junior School Council (JSC) will be organised within the Learning Communities (LCs) very soon. We will encourage all students to think about standing for JSC as they play an important role in running and planning the assemblies and providing a voice for students across all year levels at BEPS. It would be fantastic if you could also encourage your child to stand for nomination as it is a great opportunity. However, if you child is reluctant or doesn’t get a position now, there are other opportunities to be on JSC next semester and in following years. This is a change in policy from previous years where students were elected onto JSC for the whole year and is in response to your suggestions and feedback.

You can read the full Junior School Council policy on the BEPS website.

How will be our student leaders in 2017?

1jsc3 1jsc2 1jsc

The Year 6 Student Principal and Leadership team will be shortlisted and interviewed at the end of February. This year we have decided to make these positions for a year so that the students get more time to discuss, plan and carry out some of their ideas. The selected Student School Principal and leadership team will take on the responsibilities of ordering the Grade 6 jackets, planning the end of the year celebrations, deciding on their legacy to the school and supporting student lunch time activities. I asked a few of the Grade 6s if they would do my ‘paper work’ for me but they seemed highly resistant to the idea. So much for putting my feet up!

Applications for the position of Student Principal have been given to all year 6 students. It would be fantastic if you could encourage your year 6 students to give it a go. Through this leadership opportunity I hope that students are able to have more say in what goes on at BEPS and develop their leadership skills.

All the best to all BEPS families for a year full of wonder and learning. I look forward to you adding to The BEPS Conversation.