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This blog has been updated from one of my early blogs because the research shows us that reading is an extremely important skill for all of us and that reading aloud to children is critical. BEPS Library As we start... Continue Reading →

Answering kids questions about marriage equality

Recently I have been asked if I could write a blog about how to answer kids’ questions about marriage equality. In many ways the answer to this question is simple and is applicable for any question that a child asks.... Continue Reading →

Annual Report for 2016

This is a summary of the Annual Report for Brunswick East Primary School for 2016 and compares the results with the preceding two years. For the full report please go to Annual Report to Parents 2014, 2015, and 2016 on... Continue Reading →


How does Curiosita work? Let’s start by explaining what Curiosita is. It is the professional learning team at BEPS, which is made up of the Physical Education, Art, Music and Italian teachers. This is in many ways an unlikely mix... Continue Reading →

Encouraging learners through talking

Building on from two weeks ago when I blogged about Parent participation in your child’s learning I have had a couple of parents request for some more practical suggestions about how they might help children learn and develop a love... Continue Reading →

Parent Participation – Dates you really need to know

Parental engagement practices provide opportunities for parents to learn about effective ways to converse with their children about learning and become comfortable talking with teachers and other staff about their children’s academic and social development. For this reason, it is... Continue Reading →

Parent Engagement with school

Today’s blog is about parent engagement. This is not because I was a perfect parent and I can now tell you exactly what you need to do! It is because the research on this topic is very clear and tells... Continue Reading →

Multi-age Learning

A simple and brief History Multi-age classes began with the introduction of formalised schools in the form of one room – one teacher schools. These one room schools practiced individualised instruction, independent study, multi-age learning. During the Industrial Revolution, public... Continue Reading →

2017 Has Begun

For my first blog post I would like to start with just some general observations about the start of the year and student leadership opportunities which have been expanded considerably this year. The start to 2017 On the whole, students... Continue Reading →

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